Welcome to EK Outreach Services

Our team of dedicated SEND experts are here to provide bespoke education packages to meet the unique requirements of every individual child and young person that we have the pleasure to support and teach.

Our aim is to help learners on their very difficult journeys through education. We strive to support them to move forward at their own pace, so that they will leave us in a more positive and fruitful place than when they first arrived.

Some learners are with us for a very short time and others for a longer period. It is never our intention to provide outreach as a substitute for full time education. Indeed, we do not offer a full- time curriculum. We offer a number of hours each week within a negotiated support package designed to work through the learner’s skills and interests, building confidence, self-belief and trust in themselves.

Our trained and experienced staff will build a strong and solid foundation, slowly introducing challenge at a level that does not intimidate the learner. The result is a positive self-view and greater confidence to tackle difficult areas that may have hindered progress in the past.

I would be happy to discuss with you EK Outreach Services and our unique and tailored packages of support for children and young people. Please contact me on one of the numbers below.

Warmest wishes,

Annie McGowan

Tel: 0208 194 3095
Mob: 07747 216 173
Email: annie.mcgowan@ekoutreachservices.com

Welcome to EK Outreach Services

I wanted to introduce myself as the new Curriculum Manager here at EK Outreach Services. We have worked with many local authorities in placing students into our Outreach Provision or Schools. 

Just a little information regarding myself, I have a background in Secondary education as an Assistant Headteacher in a large secondary school and have been working independently with local schools in both Hertfordshire and North London, advising on both Pastoral and Vocational Education and Needs.

I am committed to inclusion of all pupils no matter what their background, and have worked with students who are at risk of exclusion, those that have been temporarily or permanently excluded, school refusers, young offenders, those with emotional or behavioural difficulties and those with SEN.

I am aware that as your needs or student needs change, it can be a difficult time and I am happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the right services that will help you and the student achieve new goals in completing, transitioning or getting back into education..

Warmest wishes,

Natasha Chalk

Tel: 0208 194 3095

Mob: 07778 412 944
Email: natasha.chalk@ekoutreachservices.com