EK Outreach Services is affiliated with both Edith Kay Independent School and Work Skills Learning . Our vision is to find and nurture each young person’s unique abilities and interests, using a range of all our skills and facilities to create a bespoke learning package.

We offer packages for education, for social activities and therapeutic support for mental well-being. We specialise in support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and those with behaviour issues.

Our staff are trained in strategies to support and build relationships with children and young people to ensure engagement in our services. Many of our clients are currently out of education, they may be hard to reach, or on the autistic spectrum. They may have communication challenges or present with challenging behaviours. We have staff to cater for all needs.

‘We Do Not Turn Learners Away’

We have a large database of staff with different experiences and educational specialisms. Allowing us to cater to all student’s needs. Our specialists are able to travel anywhere to ensure an efficient educational service is provided.


We provide bespoke educational packages including full time tutoring, part time tutoring and catch up classes. None of our interventions are time limited which means that we can work with a learner for as long or as short a period as the situation requires.

Our managers will always carry out a home visit prior to setting up any educational provision. We always discuss the learner’s needs with them and their family to ensure we fully understand what is needed.

Education can take place in the learner’s home, our own outreach centre or in any public setting where the learner will feel safe, secure and comfortable.

We carry out a full assessment to devise a customised timetable, focused on building on the learner’s strengths and areas of interest whilst methodically tackling their challenges and gaps in learning.

Our curriculum is designed to cover both academic needs and life skills. We often commence our teaching using a hidden curriculum which helps to build strong relationships between staff and the learner. We believe that this is key to a successful teaching relationship. We aim to build their confidence and self-esteem and to provide accredited courses wherever possible.

As much as we enjoy building a relationship with our students and guiding them through their education, we are aware that our aim for most students is to eventually transition them back into formal education. In order to transition our learners and young people on to a setting where they can continue their educational journey, our staff will accompany them on visits and help them to familiarise with a new setting prior to them leaving our care. In most cases our staff will also attend their new provision with the to begin with in order to make the transition as smooth and as unstressful as possible.


    We provide tailored therapeutic packages which can support and meet the needs of the learner while, at the same time, fitting in with their learning programme. In this manner we aim to develop our learners academically, socially, emotionally and mentally in a safe and holistic way.

    Where other services have identified a need for therapeutic intervention, we can provide support, through therapeutic activities designed to have a positive impact on the young person’s educational and social development.

    Young people and their families are encouraged to work with specialists and therapists in order to feel fully informed and confident in their next steps. We support them to review their relationships with a view to remodelling and rebuilding positive bonds in order to move the learner forward.

    Our Specialist Therapists include:

    • Speech and Language Therapists
    • Artistic Therapists
    • Musical Specialists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Counsellors & Mentors
    • Psychotherapists