Local Authorities


“A huge thank you for the work that you have done for our students. You have worked really well with us and been such a great support. It is really good to know that you are there.”
It has been amazing. I did not know that we would have been able to make this much progress when we started.”

Parents and Carers:


‘My child was really happy with his tuition. For me it was great; now he’s back to his bubbly self.’ ‘He’s really fired up and talks to me all the time about how confident he is now.’

‘Tuition has really helped me understand what my child needed to help him cope better.’

‘I thought at first it was no good because R would be so isolated. Now I see that he’s getting help to do better, and that’s fantastic. He is building in his self-confidence and his self-belief. He is so much happier and who wouldn’t want that for their kids?’

Our Students:



“Tuition was great. I used to be frightened about making mistakes. But now I’ve learned to forgive myself. And that means I’m happier.’
‘I’ve really enjoyed tuition: it’s really helped me to feel more confident about my English and that’s helped me.’

‘It’s a lot of fun – and I like my sessions.’