We work closely with local authorities, schools and parents to provide bespoke educational packages and our interventions are not time limited. This means that we can work with a student for as long or as short a period as required.

In order to find and nurture each young person’s unique spark we commit to building meaningful relationships with the children, young people and their families. We work collaboratively with children, young people, parents and carers and other professionals who may be involved.

Our unique approach is our 2:1 support package which allows great freedom for all parties involved as well as a ready-made group for learning purposes. This promotes Safeguarding for all involved.

We will always carry out a home visit prior to setting up any educational provision. We discuss the learner’s needs with their family. Education will take place in the learner’s home or in any public setting or our own provision where the learner will feel safe and secure.

We carry out assessments and devise a timetable which builds on their strengths and areas of interests while tackling their challenges and gaps in learning. Our curriculum is designed to cover both academic needs and life skills.  We often commence our teaching using a hidden curriculum which helps to build strong relationships between staff and the learner, which we believe is key to a successful teaching relationship. We plan to build their confidence and self-esteem. We accredit learning wherever possible.

In order to transition learners to a setting where they can continue their educational journey, our staff will accompany them on visits and help to familiarise the learner with a new setting prior to them leaving our service.