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Horticulture – Are you interested in working in the wider land-based and environmental industries?  This specification will allow students to develop their scientific knowledge in relevant, enjoyable and work-related contexts.

Hair and Beauty – They will use hairdressing, beauty therapy and related industries to develop themselves and, in particular, the skills and attributes prized by employers.

Employability – It engages students to explore social, personal, economic and employment issues. Topics include diversity and inclusion, social responsibility, human rights and entrepreneurship. They will develop confidence in thinking independently, by critically challenging accepted views and assumptions, make informed decisions and take appropriate action. Learning for life and work will also allow them to understand the connections between local, national and global issues.

Health and Social Care – Provides an opportunity for students to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of what is required for working in the health, social care and early years sectors. They will learn about human development through the main life stages and age ranges, factors affecting health and development, including behavioural, environmental, physical and socio-economic factors, and major life changes and sources of support.

Public Relations – Do you enjoy writing and giving presentations or you have an interest in media? Then, this specification may be for you. Students will study business, marketing and advertising and how to use traditional and new media in creative ways. They will learn how to manage the image an organisation portrays to its customers and the public.

Business – This specification encourages students to investigate how businesses start up. They will explore the resources, marketing and finance that businesses need and the challenges they face. They will also learn to apply skills such as decision making, proposing business strategies or solutions, understanding other viewpoints and justifying decisions.

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