Exclusion Prevention Program

EK Outreach are happy to introduce our Exclusion Prevention Program.

We are currently working with over 15 schools to help prevent possible permanent exclusions taking place.

Our specialist mentors are implemented into the school to work with children at risk of permanent exclusion due to their behaviour. Our mentors work with the student on self-regulation strategies, as well as working with the school and the team around the child, to help understand their needs and how we can help the student to alleviate the behaviours they are displaying.

By implementing our own specialist staff in schools, it helps with the staffing pressures that schools face, having to spread their own internal staff so thinly across students who need the support. It also means that we are able to help students with emotional regulation, outbursts and challenging behaviours. Giving them time and insight into how to regulate in these environments.

Having allowed the student to build up a good rapport with our mentor, the transition over to us full time or part time following this, (should it need to happen) is also much easier for the student.

If you are a school or a local authority overseeing a student in need please get in touch.

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EK Outreach Services is a SEND tuition service providing educational support to Local Authorities, Schools and Individuals. Our trained and dedicated staff are led by a skilled and experienced leadership team. We work with children and young people of any age, up to age of 25. Students can be taught at their homes, online or at our Outreach Centre in Manor House.

Our aim is to improve the learning outcomes of children and young people for whom education has been a challenge either through their SEND needs, SEMH needs, or other reasons which may prevent them from fully accessing education.
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