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EK Outreach Services is a SEND tuition service providing educational support to Local Authorities and Schools across London and its fringe. Our specialist trained and dedicated staff are led by an experienced and skilled leadership team. It is for children and young people with and without SEND of school age and those up to 25.

Our aim is to improve the learning outcomes of children and young people for whom education has been a challenge either through their SEND needs, SEMH needs or other reasons which may have prevented them from fully accessing education.

We provide a bespoke education package designed to meet the individual needs of children and young people who are currently outside of the education system. Our learners have opportunities to explore a wide range of accredited courses and outcomes. Our Outreach service can be used as a long or short term services or a bridging services to help transition them to their next educational setting.

The children and young people may be:

  • Waiting for a school place
  • Not attending school or any educational setting
  • Experiencing challenges and difficulties which prevent them from accessing education
  • Awaiting a residential placement
  • Excluded from school
  • Newly moved into a Borough with significant SEND needs which prevents them from going straight into school
  • Have come out of the youth justice system
  • Have long term illness
  • Have behaviour issues

Whatever the reason, we believe everyone has the right to an education.


At EK Outreach Services (EKOS) we recognise that there are many who do not thrive within a conventional school environment.  Our aim is to find and nurture each young person’s unique spark.

  • To offer a child-centred and holistic approach to education that promotes and facilitates the many transitions learners will undertake. These include enjoying learning, developing positive relationships with others and returning to school or college settings or work where appropriate.
  • To provide short-term intervention aimed at the inclusion of children and young people within the education system and the wider community.
  • To work in partnership with the family and all other involved parties to ensure that we take a co-ordinated, measured approach allowing every opportunity for the learner to progress according to their own potential.
  • To provide a service which is responsive to the specific needs of each individual that we support.
  • To set clear goals and outcomes
  • To give each of the young people a voice
  • To build positive relationships between staff and students; encourage independent learning; foster creativity and nurture the whole child.
  • Creating a safe but challenging environment that allow every learner person to believe they can learn.
  • Empowering and encouraging all the students we work with to aim high.
  • To improve academic attainment, behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To support the child/young person’s re-entry into an educational setting


Unit W6, 8 Woodberry Down, London, N4 2TG. England, United Kingdom

EKOS Centre opening times:
Monday to Friday / 09:00 - 17:00

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Nurturing each child and young persons unique spark
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